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A Washer Repair Service That’s Best For You

Last Minute Appliance Repair is experienced in repairing every brand of washer. Whether you have the latest Samsung smart washer or a traditional Whirlpool model, our professionals will know what to do to get you back to your normal washing routine.

The average life expectancy of washers is 10 years but it depends on how you handle and maintain your unit. There are several things to consider that may affect how long your washer will last.

When troubleshooting the washer, most repair technicians will discover one of several common issues plaguing your appliance.

Common Issues of Washers

Some common washing machine issues include:

  • Your washing machine won’t turn on
  • The washing machine won’t spin at all
  • The washer is vibrating excessively
  • Your washing machine is no longer draining
  • Water leaking
  • Water is no longer flowing into the machine
  • Soap lingers in your clothes after a wash

When your washing machine breaks down, book a service appointment with Last Minute Appliance Repair. We’ll send a professional technician who will handle the repair at a time that’s best for you.

We are offering our professional washer repair services in locations such as Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, and many more at affordable rates.

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