Refrigerator repair

There are several things that you should keep an eye on to know if your refrigerator needs repairs. That is why Last Minute Appliance Repair has gathered some of the common signs that we see in most of the refrigerators we service.

Here are some of the things to be on the watch out for:

  • Spoiled Food Products. Spoiled food indicates that your fridge isn’t staying at the recommended storage temperature. 
  • Increase in Utility Bills. A spike in your electrical bills shows that an appliance in your household is consuming energy inefficiently. An old or faulty refrigerator might be one of them.
  • Weird Noises from the Fridge. Unusual noises from your refrigerator may suggest that a component of it is broken or loose.
  • Unusually Hot Behind the Fridge. While your refrigerator’s motor is supposed to generate some sort of heat, if you notice excessive warmth coming from the back of your fridge, something may be wrong.
  • High Amount of Frost and Ice Build-up. Refrigerators are supposed to have ice and frost in them, but an unreasonable amount could mean a problem with the thermostat or condenser coils. 

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