How To Sufficiently Clean and Maintain Your Cooktop

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A smooth, perfect working cooking equipment, especially a cooktop, is essential in every household. It is also more pleasing than the traditional coil stovetop, as it can bring a modern look. Indeed, you can wipe away the crumbs and other debris left with a damp rag, but an actual cleaning will need a lot more elbow grease. Smooth operating cooktops can get dirty easily, so it is essential to have them cleaned and have proper care to prevent discoloration and scratching from regular day-to-day use.

Cleaning The Cooktop

It is easy to clean a dirty cooktop with a few items you will find in your pantry. First, spray the glass top with white vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth to remove the grease and crumbs. Then, sprinkle baking soda on the top, as it is a perfect natural cleaner for breaking down grits and grime without causing damage to the cooktop. Cover the entire stovetop with a wet towel for at least 10-minutes to loosen any accumulated debris, and scrub it away with baking soda to clean. Use a razor blade with carefulness to grate away any burnt food. For the final cleaning process, wipe with vinegar and a damp cloth.

Keeping Cooktop Looking Great

You can keep your cooktop in great shape all the time by taking a few precautionary measures every time you cook:

  • Never use cast iron cookware on a smooth cooktop because it has heavy pans and pots that are very rough.
  • Avoid dragging heavy pots to prevent scratches.
  • Keep always the pots and pans clean to stop any grease buildup that can leave dirty rings and marks on the cooktop.
  • Avoid spillage!

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