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The dryer has made our life more convenient. It is hard to imagine life without a dryer. When you are living your life without a dryer you always have stress and tension in your mind. Life is very frustrating if the dryer is not working properly. So, it is essential to call a dryer repair service quickly. And Last Minute Appliance Repair Company is a reputed appliance repair company in Seattle. In this fast-paced era, no one likes to wash clothes by hand because it takes a lot of time. So, the dryer plays a very vital role in the laundry. It helps in saving our precious time. Nowadays, we all are dependent on the dryer. When your dryer breaks down, then don’t frustrate because we are here to provide you great dryer repair in Seattle. We have experienced technicians who provide the best dryer repair in Seattle.

If you find any spike in your dryer then immediately book our company for repairing dryers. Sometimes not taking spikes seriously can damage your entire dryer. We provide you dryer repair service for both gas and electric dryers. Our technician is an expert in repairing any part of your dryer. Even our trained technicians suggest to our customers that you have to clean your dryer every year to extend the life of the dryer. The cost of a gas dryer is more costly than an electric dryer but still, it will be affordable for you rather than other repair companies. Our team of experts has complete knowledge of all types of dryers, so don’t need to worry, we provide you quick dryer repair service at an economical rate. Trust us, we provide the best services to dryer repair in Seattle.

We Offer Repair Services for Various Issues of Dryers

Your dryer will not work

When you find the dryer is not working don’t take any attention because our expert is trained in repairing all type of dryers of different brands including Samsung, 5 Star, Whirlpool, Bosch, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Magic Chef, Amana, Kenmore, Maytag, and many more. We provide you dryer repairing service for a damaged terminal block or a bad thermostat.


The dryer is not generating heat

When you notice your dryer drum is rotating but not producing any heat. It is a minor issue because it may be caused due to a temperature switch or a bad fuse. Our technician fixes this problem as quickly as possible. So book Last Minute Appliance Repair to repair your dryer when your dryer is not generating any kind of heat in a drum.

When your dryer drum is not spinning.

When you find your dryer drum is rotating but the drum of the dryer is not spinning properly it is mostly due to a broken drum or motor fault. Power technicians provide you with repairing service and fix your spinning problem.

If your dryer is not getting hot

When you find your dryer is not getting hot then it is difficult for you to clean your clothes with your hands. Repairing your dryer yourself is also dangerous for your life. Therefore, when your dryer is not getting hot, then seek help from us for Dryer repair in Seattle.


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